We all have a role to play in humanity's collective rising.

My business and my work is infused with my values, my desire to see humanity rise together, and vision for what is possible.

Please allow me to share those values and desires with you along with my commitment to creating safe, inclusive spaces within my programs and coaching sessions.

I acknowledge my privilege. I do not aim to be perfect, but rather an amplifier and ally to those who have been oppressed by systemic injustice.

I commit to confidentially holding space for my clients. 

I commit to creating a safe, loving space, free of judgment for people to heal, process, and grow.

I commit to leading with compassion and empathy at all times.

I commit to transparent, honest, and continual healing of my own karma, generational wounds, and patterns. I commit to sharing my journey for the greatest good


Clients & Community

I want to acknowledge and show a great deal of respect for the tools I use, their cultural significance, and their origins.

The AKASHIC RECORDS orginated from concepts stemming from Hinduism, Tibetan Bon, and Buddhism.These concepts were brought together by the work of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. They were later popularized by Edgar Cayce.

SOUL REALIGNMENT is a modality developed by Andrrea Hess.

TAROT can be traced back to Italy in the late 14th century. The first recorded deck was the Visconti-Sforza deck created to play a card game called tarochi. Some suggest that tarot symbolism has been handed down since ancient Egypt.

CHAKRA HEALING originates from Hinduism and Tantric Buddhism practices.

HUMAN DESIGN was developed by Ra Uru Hu after his spritual experience in 1989.

CRYSTAL HEALING has origins and contributions from a number of cultures and beliefs throughout history and the world, including: Ancient Mexico, Ancient Eqypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Sumeria, Ancient China, and North American Indigenous peoples. Many cultures used talismans and stones for healing and protection, different crystals came from different cultures.

​The use of ESSENTIAL OILS dates back to Ancient Mesopotamians and Ancient Egyptians who used oils in burial rites. The use of oils for AROMATHERAPY was first recorded in Ancient China, and oils were used in Ancient Greece to treat physical illnesses such as the black plague.

The practice of SMUDGING AND SAGING comes from North American Indigenous culture and there has been cultural appropriation of this sacred tradition. It is important to recognize and honour where this ritual comes from because Indigenous leaders have been fighting for a long time to hold onto their traditions and gain the right to smudge in hospitals and treatment centers. Indigenous people are also speaking out about the over-harvesting of white sage. I want to note that I do use white sage in the photos I post on social media, but I commit to not buy it again an only burn the green sage and lavender that is grown in my garden.

*sources can be found below.


Spiritual Tools


I commit to healing patterns of my racial bias, learning about systemic racism in the world and understanding my privilege as a white, straight, cis-gendered woman.

I commit to creating safe, accessible, inclusive spaces, programs, and communities where everyone can feel free to be loved and celebrated for who they are.

I commit to receive comments, conversation and correction with humility.


Equality & Inclusivity

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Education & Allyship

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