Know your soul. Connect to your purpose. Embrace your gifts. Understand your karma. Heal your wounds. Live in alignment.

Are you looking for answers that you simply cannot find anywhere else? 


You're in the right place.


During this 4-week intensive coaching program, I will guide you on a journey to meet your soul. Through Akashic Records investigation I will help you to understand the essence that makes up your soul, your cosmic gifts, and your path to live in alignment.



We explore your soul DNA blueprint. In it, we will discover your inherent gifts, discuss how your soul is meant to thrive, and get clear on what alignment means for you.


We get into the nitty-gritty of your past life karma, wounds, and blocks that are affecting you in your present life. We dig deep into these recurring patterns and how you can break free of them.


We take a look at current life blocks and wounds that are affecting how you live and love. We isolate any patterns of thinking, beliefs, or boundaries that might be getting in your way.


We summarize everything we have learned and create an action plan for you to move forward confidently in alignment with your soul's purpose.


I know how frustrating it feels to live with the "guess and check" method of making choices. It can be so exhausting to think you're on the right road, only to have things fall apart again. 


Soul Realignment coaching gets to the heart of the reason you are in this life. Not only will you gain clarity on your life direction, but you will also fall in love with the amazing soul you possess. You can live empowered and for the greatest good.

One simple payment of 

$1200 CAD



4 payments of 

$325/mo CAD

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