White Sheet

soul aligned




we all need a place to be.

A place to be honest about struggles and challenges. A place to celebrate growth and aligned shifts. A place to gain guidance and support.

a place to find our people.

Support Group


This space has been designed to stand alone, away from all other social media platforms. This a a chance to get away from the newsfeed blackholes sucking up your energy and time.

Come here for a lift, coaching, guidance, and reminders of your worth.



You will gain access to weekly tarot guidance Zoom calls.


Every attendee will receive a couple of cards for clarity and direction for the week.

group coaching

Once a month, I will host a group coaching Zoom session.

Every participant will have a chance to share, ask questions and receive personalized coaching.


journal prompts

You can share in thought provoking discussions, intention setting, and journal prompts to challenge you and further your own growth.


Through this group, you will be able to connect to wonderful people at various points along their own journey to know their soul, connect with their intuition, love themselves, and heal.

People just like you.

You have options...

desktop access

You can choose how to access the Soul Aligned Community. You can choose desktop access for group discussions and posts, as well as Zoom on desktop for group coaching and tarot sessions.

mobile access

Or, you can access the Soul Aligned Community through mobile app! After registration is complete, you will be emailed directions and sign-in information for both desktop and mobile app access.

ready to join?

Become a part of the Soul Aligned Community for only $10/month!