Love. Healing. Growth.


Using a unique blend of psychology and spirituality, I will hold space for you to reconnect with your true self, uncover the genuine value of your self-worth, trust your intuition, heal old wounds and emotional scars, love yourself unconditionally, and step into your power.

You are a beautiful, magical woman who is worthy of being adored and cherished. But to fully receive this love from others, you must first accept that love from yourself.

  • You're feeling burned out after trying to be everything to everyone.
  • You're exhausted from people-pleasing.
  • You feel worthless and like you have no value.
  • You allow your fear of what other's will think of you to impact your decisions.
  • You have lost touch with who you really are.
  • You have a hard time looking at yourself in the mirror because you can see nothing but flaws.
  • You feel weighed down by anxiety, fears, and the pain of the past.
  • You long to feel complete, whole, and at peace with who you are.
  • You are interested in spirituality and want to explore and build your relationship with your intuition.
  • You are feeling smothered by your comfort zone.
  • You're ready to invest in who you are and take your relationship with yourself to the next level.
  • You're ready to harness your intuitive abilities
Each Coaching Program is Unique and Designed to Serve Your Individual Needs.

Our weekly coaching sessions may touch on a wide array of challenges, points of healing, and conscious mindset shifts, such as:

  • Acknowledging your self-worth.
  • Healing and shedding unwanted labels, titles, and assumptions of self.
  • Hearing and trusting your intuition.
  • Building and honouring your personal boundaries.
  • Cherishing and integrating all parts of you.
  • Opening yourself to receive love.
  • Awareness around your unique rhythms, cycles, mental scripts, needs, and priorities.
  • Engaging your intuitive abilities.

Your worth is

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