love your soul

a three-month private coaching program



Accepting your self-worth is fucking scary. Claiming your space in the world as a powerful creatrix and cosmic in nature is terrifying in the best possible way. 


If you're here to take your life to the next level, own your soul gifts, get clear about your path and purpose, and embody your worth...

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Are you spiritual AF and you're ready for your next spiritual deepening?

this program is for you!

Are you done with the fear and doubt causing your blocks and stagnation in your life?

this program is for you!

Are you ready to get incredibly uncomfortable and vulnerable? Are you ready to feel all the painful emotions you've been running from?

this program is for you!

Are you ready to heal and recalibrate your life with the highest vibe of all?

this program is for you!


Every program is completely unique and will be designed using a blend of spirituality and psychology to address your individual needs.


You can expect to be triggered. You can expect me to probe into personal pain points, to challenge you on your limiting beliefs, to guide you from fear and towards unconditional love for who you are.

You can expect to explore your past and current life karma, heal old wounds, and gain a deep understanding of your soul and purpose in this life.

You can expect support and guidance through your undeniable transformation.


This program includes 12, one hour-long, weekly sessions.


Each session will be recorded and you will have access to it for review even after your program is completed,  




Each week you will leave our session with a new challenge. You may be asked to take a hard look at your fears, question your truths, or take action into the unknown.


Each challenge will require the investment of effort, time, and a willingness to accept change.




You will be able to connect with me in between sessions through Voxer voice messages to share ideas, celebrate breakthroughs and identify struggles prior to the upcoming session.



"THIS CHANGED MY LIFE. I am a fairly spiritually grounded individual and I left my sessions with so much insight that I had never been able to come to on my own. I was also given resources and encouragement to carry with me for weeks afterwards."

“Highly recommended to anyone who doubts themselves, questions what self-worth really is, and believes there has to be more to life.”


It's time to make yourself a priority. The next twelve weeks can be the turning point you've been waiting for. The choice is yours. You hold the power to start this brand new adventure.

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I love connecting with clients prior to them signing on to work with me to ensure we're aligned. Let's chat about where you're at in your spiritual and personal growth and whether this program is right for you.


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