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Have you ever wanted to 


Over the next four weeks, that's exactly what we're going to do. 

You will learn exactly what is and isn't working for you, how to optimize what is correct for your and shift everything else.

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Everything about Human Design is that the moment you escape conditioning, you escape sameness.

It is the sameness that clouds our potential. It is the uniqueness of operating correctly as ourselves that define our very mythology and fulfill our lives in a state that in Design we call awakeness. Simply to be correct as yourself is to be unique and to be one who is fulfilling the potential of their incarnation.

Ra Uru Hu


Who am I?

I am a certified Human Design analyst with well over a decade counselling and coaching experience. 

I am a 4/6 generator who freakin' loves people, loves seeing them break free of the conditioning that holds them back, and loves seeing them become unapologetically themselves. 

There is power in knowing who you are and who are not.


What is Human Design?

"Human Design is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding."


Human Design is a system that identifies exactly who you are and contrasts that with who you have twisted yourself up to become in order to gain love, respect, success, and happiness.

Through Human Design Coaching you can come home to yourself. You can be empowered, unique and exactly who you were meant to be in this life.


In this coaching program you will gain awareness regarding the areas of your life where you are not showing up as your full authentic self.


You will be empowered to live fully embodied, reclaim your power, and love your unique self without the rules and conditions that have been placed upon you.


We will identify the ways in which you have absorbed conditions, rules, and behaviours from the world around you that do represent who you are. We will work together to shift and release these conditions to live more freely.


We will identify unique strategies that complement your Human Design so that you can manage your energy effieciently, manifest effectively, and find your unique flow to live with greater ease.

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Randy D. 

I found Rebecca's analysis to be enlightening and honest. It was exciting to have some mysteries that have been nagging me for decades come into focus through this process. I recommend this service to anyone who needs support and guidance.


Erica G.

Through Human Design, Rebecca knew me from Day One! I’ve never had that in any other coaching relationship. By utilizing this approach, we get to work very quickly.  I have been doing more for myself now than I can ever remember.


Amy R.

This process has been so eye-opening. Rebecca has helped me heal internally and externally, and as a parent it has truly helped me to become a better mom and a better person. I am so grateful I had this experience with her and my life is forever changed. 

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$1200 CAD

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$325/mo CAD

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