intuitive coaching

Connect to your intution. Meet your soul. Love every single part of you.


love your soul


Private one-to-one coaching that combines the benefits of Akashic Records investigation, soul alignment, tarot, self-love, and intuitive coaching.


Soul Aligned



soul realignment


This four-week coaching intensive will give you a crash course in your soul's make-up, gifts, and purpose in this life.


Together, we will explore what your unique alignment looks like. We will heal past and present life karma and wounds.


You will come away from this coaching experience with the wisdom you need to chart your path in a whole new way.

This 4-week coaching program will unlock your Human Design Chart. You will harness the power of your genetic and energetic code. You will heal the conditioning that burns you out and twists you into knots trying to be something that you're not.

Learn your how you function optimally with ease and flow.

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family realignment


Family dynamics can be mystifying. Family realignment coaching can take the guesswork out of parenting by getting to the root of connection. Understanding your soul and the soul of your children will shed light on the deep needs, gifts, and challenges in your family ultimately creating harmony.

Create a plan for 2020 that is intentional, aligned, and purposeful.
In this mini-group program, we will get clear on what we desire to create, we will confront our own blocks and sabotaging behaviour and lay the groundwork for abundance, growth, and expansion in 2020.
This program will run from December 9th-December 20th