Flawless is Flawed. Strive for Imperfection!

Last month I hosted an amazing masterclass with amazing women. They were all geared up and ready to make changes in their lives. They all had different goals, different perspectives, and were in different places in their life journey. But they all shared one interesting connection, and once we discovered what it was, the conversation drastically changed. Everyone in the … Read More

Five Myths That Block Your Ability to Ask For and Receive Help

Last night I hosted a Facebook Live event for my amazing Community of lady heroes. The topic had been requested and I had considered not even exploring it. I had resisted digging into the topic because I shared this struggle in a very real way. In a very big way, I struggle with receiving and asking for help. So, instead … Read More

No Complaining? No Problem: My 30 Day Challenge

The summer is over. September is here. Kids are getting ready for their new school year, teachers are dragging themselves back to the classroom to prep and “back to school savings” commercials seem┬áto be playing on an endless loop on TV. The first of September marks the end of something I am very proud of. The end of my complain-free … Read More